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The new PLASBLOCK blocks are the most robust and innovative solution for wooden pallets. The most solid and sustainable pallet block alternative with high durability and performance in high-wear and tear environments.

Bloco Taco para paletes PLASBLOCK 95 x 95 x 78 mm

9.5 Block

  • Width: 95 mm

  • Length: 95 mm

  • Height: 78 mm

  • Units/Pallet: 1440 unid.


Bloco Taco para paletes PLASBLOCK 75 x 75 x 80 mm

7.5 Block

  • Width: 75 mm

  • Length: 75 mm

  • Height: 80 mm

  • Units/Pallet: 2400 unid.

Product Features

A solution prepared for high performance even under the most severe conditions.

More mobility for your business, worry free.

Longer transit time and longer pallet life, longer trips and any destination, now your goods travel safely.

Rain or shine, or snow, or ice, or any other adversity.


Product developed based on the principles of circular economy, giving a new life to resources that would otherwise be at the end of its useful life period.

Waste Recovery & Upcycling

Tonnage of landfill-rescued biomass and polymers that currently make up the formulation of PLASBLOCK pallet blocks.


Advantages for wood pallet manufacturers

  • Reduces by 2x the residence time of the pallet in the fumigation hut, speeding up your production process.

  • The pallet block does not require thermal shock treatment

  • No covered storage space required for stocking

  • Does not degrade over time when in open warehouse

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