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About Plasblock

Plasblock is an alternative component to wooden pallet blocks. These blocks are made 100% from upcycled resources dumped everyday on landfills, and also 100% recyclable, which at the end of its useful life allows for a total reuse of the materials used and ensuring a functional circularity of the raw materials used.

They are an anti-fungus, water repellant, shock proof, and heavy-duty performance solution.

Fueled by Circular Economy

Circular Economy is the foundation of the whole Project.

We aim a full Circular process, starting in the selection of landfilled resources that could not be recycled (ig. mixed plastics, polymeric biomass), using them to create an alternative product that fights deforestation and offers better performance than wood or woodchip blocks. At the end of their life cycle, Plasblock final products can return to our facilities to be recycled into new ones.

Meet our Core Team

Plasblock team is composed of Green Innovation entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the field of manufacturing management and operations.

Luís Ferreira
Luís FerreiraDirector / R&D / Production
Industry and Economics passionate professional with a strong desire for Green impact and to fight climate change. More than thirty years of manufacturing management experience.
Miguel Ferreira
Miguel FerreiraDirector / Operations / Sales
A passionate entrepreneur and Circular Economy enthusiast with eight years of experience in Operations, Sales and International Business management.experience.